We help companies to improve their sales system and increase their profit. Our methods have proven to be both sustainable and effective and are based on our own experiences and theoretical models.

Selas & Partners helps you to adapt to changing buyer expectations

What we do /

We colour your sales with integrated sales solutions

To do so, we participate in different elements of the sales cycle and work together with your sales team. We help you design tailor-made processes. We can engage you with better leads and valuable appointments. We even outsource sales professionals if necessary.

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How we can help you /

We assess your current sales environment

We use a holistic approach to assess your sales environment based on 8 dimensions. Based on this assessment we identify strengths and points for improvement.

Sustainable processes

Create and implement a customer focused sales processes based on lean & six sigma principles.

Understanding your customer

We provide valuable insights on how to improve customer results. The collaboration with your customer makes it possible to match buyer and seller maturity.

Additional revenue streams

Identify activities that drive your sales performance.


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Who we are /

With more than 75 years of combined experience we know exactly how to help you to achieve your revenue goals.

Johan de Coster
30 years in the service business at C-level positions.

+32 496 57 21 00

Patrick Stroobandt
25 years industrial & academic experience in sales management.

+32 473 81 28 55

Walter Mesterom
30 years leading & developing consulting services.

+31 653 47 18 05

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