What we deliver /

Selas & Partners is a sales management-consulting firm that offers customers an integrated sales solution. We enable companies to grow their revenue, improve their margin and unlock their potential. Based on more than 75 years of combined experience we will help our customers understand (better) how to achieve their revenue goals. By improving their sales performance, growing their market share, breaking into new markets and opening up new territories.

How we get results? The Selas & Partners-way!

We developed the Selas & Partners-method, our way to turn your sales around. We will work with sales professionals, senior sales representatives and executive management, optimizing the skills of each assigned sales professional.

  • We reformulate the sales strategy with the company owners or senior management.
  • We assess the sales team and define the best solution for your specific situation.
  • We organize brown paper workshops and critique sessions.
  • We re-develop the process and its KPI’s in order to be more successful tomorrow and in the future.
  • We engage your customers by meeting them and explaining what your company is up to and what is in it for them.
  • We align your sales team around the new strategy and method.

Improve is our magic word

Our focus is to improve your sales processes by redesigning these together with your sales team in a sustainable way. We will create the right atmosphere for gaining projects and reference accounts in target markets and build strong pipelines as a foundation for further growth.

Change agents improve your sales

The goal of sales improvement is to help realign the process for short-term revenue opportunities and evaluate the potential for building a pipeline that will drive long-term revenue. As proven change agents we are ready to improve sales outcomes by managing the transition towards strategic selling form build structure, consistency and objective analytics in your sales methodology.