Who we are /

We help companies to improve their sales system and increase their profit. Our methods have proven to be both sustainable and effective.

Our passion and drive

We’re passionate about solution-focused, evidence-based sales learning frameworks. The symbiosis between these research topics and the day-to-day operations of companies is a constant drive and well-known to us.

Outside in instead of inside out

Our diagnostic methodology starts outside in, starting from the client to the company and not inside out. This reverse order made us reverse the letters of SALES into SELAS.

Our expertise

We deliver a broad expertise to the world of service providers, engineering & contracting firms and machine & repair shops in various industries. Next to this we have special expertise with family owned companies. We focus on sustainable performance improvement of processes, systems and behaviour with a tangible result in their value stream.

Managing partner

We want to be a pragmatic and trustful partner for our clients, known for our ability to transform sales organisations.

Walter Mesterom
30 years leading & developing consulting services.

+31 653 47 18 05